Software Support

Computer Software is something that most people use every day, but quite often, they have no idea how it got on the computer in the first place. They are not sure whether they should install updates or not – if they are even checking for those updates, and all too frequently, they have never been taught the proper and most efficient way to use their software!

Software SupportOur Software Support Services can assist our clients with – 

  • Software Installation
    • Do you have a new program that you just purchased?  Now you are sitting there with a CD in one hand, and an installation manual in the other hand feeling overwhelmed.  We can help you with this.  We have installed most major software packages and we have the knowledge and technical expertise to work quickly and efficiently with the software technical support people if problems occur during install.
  • Software Upgrades
    • Once you have your software installed and all of your end users are completely comfortable with it, a major upgrade will be released with new features that you have been waiting for.  Now, once again, you have a CD and an installation manual.  Or maybe, you received a link to download the new upgrade, either way, we can make this process easy for you!
  • Software Configuration
    • Getting the software installed and available to your end users can sometimes require a significant amount of setup work behind the scenes.  Most software gets install with basic settings that will allow the programs to run, but there can be a lot of settings that need to be changed, or features that need to be turned on, or turned off to get the software running the way your company wants it to function.  Not only will we assist you with this configuration process, but we will also document those software system settings that get changed so you have a complete history of changes made to the system and why those changes were made.
  • Software Training
    • This may be the most important part of any software installation or upgrade project.  If your users are not trained to use the software properly, you’ve just wasted time, money, and resources on something that was supposed to help you SAVE all of those things!  We can train brand new users who have never used the software before, and we can train experienced users to even more effectively use the programs.


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