Security Camera Systems

Security Camera SystemsNot sure where to start? Don’t know what type of recorder and surveillance camera you need? Typically, selecting the right type of system depends on your coverage needs and budget.

For some, a smaller system with a surveillance camera or two provides the security they require. Others may need more cameras spread out over several locations.

The systems that I recommend most often are Night Owl Security Products.

About Night Owl Security Products

Night Owl Security Products was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Florida and is a leading innovator in the security technology industry. As the fastest growing manufacturer of security DVRs, NVR’s, and cameras, Night Owl offers the best value on the market. This is accomplished by designing and engineering products that are high quality, user-friendly, and affordable. Although our hardware is manufactured abroad, our Engineers, Software designers, and servers are based in the United States. All content and access are controlled in the United States as well. Our video surveillance equipment is used by homeowners, businesses, federal and municipal organizations, retailers, dealers, distributors and integrators across the globe.

Wired Security by Night Owl
Wired DVR System
Wired DVR System by Night Owl
Wired NVR System
Wired NVR System by Night Owl

Wired technology uses a secure hardwired connection for true CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and provides uninterrupted viewing and recording with no delays. There are systems available with resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and innovative detection technology.

Recorders offer the ability to record locally to an HDD (hard disk drive) without the need for an Internet connection. Capable of recording 24/7, wired systems offer multiple recording modes and provide remote viewing (Internet connection needed) via mobile Apps.

Wireless Security (Wi-Fi) by Night Owl
Wifi Systems
Wi-Fi Systems by Night Owl

Wireless Security Technology provides unprecedented flexibility and convenience. The quick setup and simple installation make it easy for you to move your wireless security cameras as your coverage needs change. With no cabling to install, setup is faster, and moving the wireless security cameras to different locations is much easier. Wireless systems use AC Powered wireless security cameras, avoiding the hassle of battery maintenance. AC power keeps the cameras recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Wireless security cameras pair to a wireless NVR (Network Video Recorder), a Hybrid DVR, or use Wi-Fi to stand alone. With 1080p HD recording and viewing resolution, your footage is crystal clear and detailed.

Wireless security cameras and wireless NVR’s (Network Video Recorder) feature the latest technologies. Smart Dual Sensor Technology detects heat from animals, people, and vehicles, reducing false alerts by up to 90%. This technology saves recording space on an HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or micro SD Card. 2-way audio captures sound around your wireless security cameras and lets you talk through the camera. With advanced features, flexible install, and local recording capabilities, Wireless Security is an excellent choice for your home or business.

Here’s a very nice system from Panasonic that has recently come to my attention and it is tailored well for Home Security needs.

About Panasonic

Panasonic, the global leader in professional commercial video recording, HD cameras, and video networks. For more than a century, Panasonic has been discovering ways to address the biggest challenges that impact the world we live in. From our products to our processes, we seize every opportunity to make a positive impact on people and the planet. This was a vision set forth by our founder in 1918 and a vision that continues to be the driving force as we transform our business today.

Home Hawk by Panasonic
Home Hawk by Panasonic

Home Hawk by Panasonic installs easily with no electrical wires or networks cables needed because it runs on battery power and works using our home Wi-Fi network. Panasonic Wi-Fi and rechargeable battery power means the cameras are fully wire-free. Set alert zones to minimize unwanted alerts, while still having the option to record video alerts to a secure Micro SD Card in the systems wireless access point base unit, no 3rd party monitoring or cloud services are required.

Home Hawk cameras offer HD video quality and are weather-resistant,  plus they run on Panasonic’s built-in long-life rechargeable battery technology that powers many of the worlds most advanced automotive and electronic devices.

No more black and white low-quality network video, monitor your home or apartments front door with Panasonic’s color night vision technology. Color night vision is the difference between seeing and knowing what or who arrived at your front door day or night.

Add up to 16 peripheral Home Hawk weather-resistant* outdoor HD cameras.

In addition, you’ll enjoy the confidence and convenience of the Panasonic Home Hawk App giving you the ability to view your cameras from anywhere.

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