Yes, That Pink Manta Picture Is Real

Yes, That Pink Manta Picture Is Real

by Melissa Cristina Márquez, Forbes

Australian Geographic published an article yesterday featuring a picture many believed to be photo shopped. After all, could manta rays with a pink belly (instead of the usual white) exist? Turns out, yes!

The University of Queensland’s Project Manta has studying the animal for a few years after it was first spotted in 2015 by dive instructor Ryan Jeffery. Named Inspector Clouseau (a nod to the Pink Panther movie), it is the only recorded pink manta ray in the world! In the beginning it was thought the bright pink skin was due to a skin infection, but the group says “the coloration is just an unusual and unique expression of the skin’s melanin” due to a 2016 Project Manta study ruling out infection or diet as possible causes.

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