World's Thinnest Lens Could Revolutionize Nanotechnology

World’s Thinnest Lens Could Revolutionize Nanotechnology

by Katherine Derla, Tech Times

A team of Australian scientists said they have developed the thinnest lens in the world. The new 6.3-nanometer lens, which is 2,000 times thinner than a human hair, can lead to novel advances in medicine and science which could revolutionize nanotechnology.

Putting that in perspective, the previous thinnest lens was 50 nanometers thick. The new world’s thinnest lens was created by a team of scientists lead by The Australian National University’s Dr. Yuerui ‘Larry’ Lu.

The new lens was made of a molybdenum disulphide, a type of crystal. The research team used sticky tape to peel off a large layer of the crystal to get the 6.3-nanometer thick (9 atomic layers) from which they will create the lens.

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