Whirlpool Galaxy: A wonder of stars in space

Whirlpool Galaxy: A wonder of stars in space

by Ellen Michals, Todays in Tech

In past, we can only see the sun, the moon, and stars. The advancements in science took place and made people able to see and study the solar system. Further developments made scientists able to study the Milky Way Galaxy. Science is getting advance with time and is finding its way in space step by step. Space is full of different wonders. At present, scientists have found one such wonder named as Whirlpool Galaxy.

Whirlpool Galaxy, a wonder of nature, consists of stars. Astronomers officially named Whirlpool Galaxy as NGC 5194 and M51. Space Telescope Science Institute performs science operations for the Hubble Space Telescope, has made a new video about Whirlpool Galaxy which shows that it is based on the formation and death of stars. The video has 3 minutes series of different photos which show the stunning visual wavelength view of the Whirlpool Galaxy. Images show a supernova rich zone which lies almost 30 million light years from the Earth. Whirlpool Galaxy is present in the northern constellation Canes Venatici.

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