We have entered the age of the computer chip brain implant

We have entered the age of the computer chip brain implant

by Drake Baer, Business Insider

Ian Burkhart can play Guitar Hero with his thoughts. 

Though he was left paralyzed from the neck down after a freak accident six years ago, a computer chip in his brain has enabled him to play along with the rhythm of songs.

The process was detailed in a paper published on April 13. 

“Once we decipher the signals in the brain, we can read those thought patterns, and we translate those signals into a language muscles can understand,” Chad Bouton, the lead technologist on the project, tells Tech Insider. “We send electrical impulses to the forearm through the skin, so no second surgery is needed. His muscles contract, and then the movement begins.” 

Burkhart can also pour liquid from a bottle into a glass, swipe a credit card, and pick up a cell phone. It’s the first time that a paralyzed person has been able to do such precise motor control movements with their own hand. 

It’s a sign of how brain implants are moving out of science fiction and into reality. 

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