Use an Internet Blocker to Block Websites and Get Work Done

Use an Internet Blocker to Block Websites and Get Work Done

by Jill Chafin, lifesavvy

Websites, social media, and more can all be enormous time wasters. If you’re facing an important deadline or struggling with a tough task, using a tool to block digital distractions can help you stay focused.

So how does it work? An internet and website blocker works by blocking designated sites (or even the entire internet!) for a specified period of time. Sometimes you have to go to extremes to hone your focus. It’s a cold turkey withdrawal from all the beeps, dings, and notifications that keep you wanting more—but it’s not forever. That’s the key, knowing you can go back to it after you’ve finished the task at hand.

Certain blockers allow you to specify which sites you can still access, such as a site you need for research. You can install the blocker on all devices, including your phone, allowing you a brief reprieve from the world of social media. For some people, this works better than simply silencing their phone (especially if you want to be reachable for emergency calls).

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