To save net neutrality, Mozilla and others file appeal

To save net neutrality, Mozilla and others file appeal

by Marguerite Reardon, c|net

The company wants the full DC Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear the case upholding the FCC’s repeal of Obama-era rules.

The fight to reinstate net neutrality protections continued Friday, as Mozilla and others asked the full DC Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear their case challenging the Federal Communications Commission’s 2017 repeal of the rules. Mozilla and Public Knowledge, one of the public interest groups that intervened in the lawsuit, say they’re seeking the rehearing to ensure safeguards for consumers and the open internet. 

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals issued its net neutrality decision in October, after a three-judge panel heard the case. Mozilla and others suing to restore the Obama-era rules had a Friday deadline to ask the court to hear the case again in front of its full slate of justices. The court will decide whether the rehearing will go forward. 

“As we said then, the fight is far from over,” said Amy Keating, chief legal officer for Mozilla. “The decision raises issues of exceptional importance to protecting consumers and the open internet, and we look forward to continuing the fight to preserve net neutrality as a fundamental digital right.” 

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