The Flying Taxi future is coming, but it’s Elitist and Underwhelming

The Flying Taxi future is coming, but it’s Elitist and Underwhelming

by Alexis Ong, The Verge

German startup Volocopter unveiled a new flying taxi station in Singapore, but it was gone within a week.

On the bright Monday morning of October 21st in downtown Singapore, German air taxi startup Volocopter unveiled the VoloPort, the world’s first flying taxi station. Perched atop a floating platform at Marina Bay, the temporary structure offered a generous view of the country’s central business district’s most iconic landmarks. The press event went off without a hitch, though from the lingering construction crew, it was clear that this had been an 11th-hour effort.

The next day, just before the scheduled public test flight for the Volocopter 2X, a brisk downpour threatened to cancel the entire demonstration. A modest crowd of press and guests waited in a nearby building for the rain to let up; across the bay, groups of people were waiting to catch a glimpse of the future.

On Tuesday, the VoloPort’s landing pad was empty. Some had assumed that the 2X would take off — or at least land — at the floating platform, but the tiny white aircraft was 700 meters away across the water. During its two minutes in the air, the crowd was told to take note of its low noise profile. But at that distance, it would have been quiet anyway. Once the test flight was over, everyone was called to take a group photo and grab a drink; a plastic bucket sat at the entrance of the VoloPort, collecting rainwater from the roof.

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