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Is your business prepared for system downtime?

by Greg Hoffer, IT Pro Portal

Downtime is always going to be an issue that needs to be managed and planned for, but steps can be taken to limit its effects.

If recent economic conditions have demonstrated one thing, it is that uncertainty of any kind is bad for business. The worst situation for any organisation is one that takes them by surprise. System downtime is one of those things that can happen unexpectedly, often with little to no forewarning.

For many, system downtime can lead to very expensive complications. Service disruption can result in lost business, data loss and reputational damage. For the Fortune 1000, just a single hour of infrastructure failure costs on average $100,000 (approximately £82,000), with the average cost per year sitting between $1.25bn and $2.5bn. Continue reading Is your business prepared for system downtime?