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Flash Mob Safety


Typically, I post articles without commentary added into the article itself. I will always engage with people in the Comments section and on Social Media Platforms, but here, I prefer to just pass on the information.

But in this case, information, or lack there of, is the problem. What this article does NOT mention is how Flash Mobs are now being used as a method of robbery – OFTEN VIOLENT ROBBERY!

Take a look at this Google Search results page to see the volume and frequency of these attacks.

Google “Flash Mob Robbery” Search Results

by Allied Universal

A flash mob describes a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place to perform an unusual act, such as a pillow fight or singing a song, and then disperse. Social media is often used to announce a time and place for the mob to meet. Flash mobs, which are illegal in some areas, can become out of control with upwards of hundreds to thousands of people participating. They can be a nuisance to innocent bystanders and area businesses. While a majority of flash mobs are for entertainment purposes, some have been known to be dangerous. Continue reading Flash Mob Safety

6 Halloween Safety Tips Every Adult Needs to Know

by Ginger Hill, Security Today

In just a few short days it will be Halloween, a time of ghosts, ghouls and goblins; candy; playing dress up; and the smiles on children’s faces. As parents, you will take the time to make sure your little prince or princess is the most adorable little haunt out there in trick-or-treat land and you’ll lay down the safety rules in advance, preaching to look both ways before crossing the street, stay alert and do NOT eat any candy until you’ve had time to check it.

Continue reading 6 Halloween Safety Tips Every Adult Needs to Know