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DoorDash and Postmates test deliveries with robots

by Jon Fingas, Engadget

You won’t always have to deal with humans when ordering food

Starship’s autonomous delivery robots have found work outside of the US, but they’re now ready to come Stateside. DoorDash and Postmates have forged partnerships that will have them respectively test Starship robots in Redwood City, California and Washington, DC. Continue reading DoorDash and Postmates test deliveries with robots

Brain-controlled robot lets physically challenged see the world

by Lisa-Ann Lee, New Atlas

For those with severe motor disabilities, mind-controlled prostheses have long offered a sliver of hope that they might one day be able to regain some semblance of autonomy. While we’ve seen numerous examples of such prostheses over the years, most involve brain surgery and are still not ready for commercialization. As scientists continue to tinker with neuro circuits, Melbourne-based startup Aubot has skipped past all these complications to launch the Teleport, the world’s first commercially available telepresence robot that can be controlled by thought. Continue reading Brain-controlled robot lets physically challenged see the world

Fewer And Fewer Jobs That Robots Can Do Are Being Given To Humans

by Ben Schiller, Fast Coexist

More and more people jobs that require workers to follow simple rules and procedures are disappearing—and the people who had them are not going back to work

If you’re looking for long-term job security, then you may want to stick to occupations that prize critical thinking and creativity. Jobs that call on workers to follow strict rules and procedures have been disappearing, putting thousands out of work, sometimes permanently, new research shows. Continue reading Fewer And Fewer Jobs That Robots Can Do Are Being Given To Humans

Axsis Robot Performing Cataract Surgery

by robot man, Robotic Gizmos

Robotic surgeons are nothing new. In the future, they will be used to perform eye surgery and other complex operations. Axsis is a dexterous robotic surgeon that can perform cataract surgery. It measures 1.8mm in diameter and has 2 robotic arms to allow surgeons to perform telesurgery. Sensing algorithms minimize human error. Continue reading Axsis Robot Performing Cataract Surgery

This lie-detecting robot is the customs officer of the future

by Alexandra Klausner, New York Post

Travelers in the US and Canada may soon be forced to undergo a lie detector test as a standard part of airport security.

The Automated Virtual Agent for Truth Assessments in Real Time (AVATAR) is currently being tested by the Canadian Border Services Agency and the US Department of Homeland Security. Continue reading This lie-detecting robot is the customs officer of the future

Meet the World’s First Completely Soft Robot

by Julia Sklar, MIT Technology Review: Robotics

Researchers use an ingenious design to make a soft robot that moves on its own

The “octobot” is a squishy little robot that fits in the palm of your hand and looks like something in a goody bag from a child’s birthday party. But despite its quirky name and diminutive size, this bot represents an astonishing advance in robotics.

According to the Harvard researchers who created it, it’s the first soft robot that is completely self-contained. It has no hard electronic components—no batteries or computer chips—and moves without being tethered to a computer. Continue reading Meet the World’s First Completely Soft Robot

Room-service robots — and that’s just the start

by Ramamurthy Sivakumar, TechCrunch

At a popular hotel nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, two long-separated technologies came together not long ago — all in the name of toothpaste.

A small robot, outfitted with 3D cameras, was loaded up with a bath kit, a newspaper and a spare towel. It then took the supplies, rolled out of the lobby, called for the elevator and delivered the items to a guest room. Since this demo last fall, a fleet of Relay robots made by Savioke, a company in our investment portfolio, has made more than 50,000 similar deliveries in six cities across North America. Continue reading Room-service robots — and that’s just the start

Our Automated Future

by Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker

How long will it be before you lose your job to a robot?

There are many accounts of the genesis of Watson. The most popular, which is not necessarily the most accurate—and this is the sort of problem that Watson himself often stumbled on—begins in 2004, at a steakhouse near Poughkeepsie. One evening, an I.B.M. executive named Charles Lickel was having dinner there when he noticed that the tables around him had suddenly emptied out. Instead of finishing their sirloins, his fellow-diners had rushed to the bar to watch “Jeopardy!” This was deep into Ken Jennings’s seventy-four-game winning streak, and the crowd around the TV was rapt. Not long afterward, Lickel attended a brainstorming session in which participants were asked to come up with I.B.M.’s next “grand challenge.” The firm, he suggested, should take on Jennings.

I.B.M. had already fulfilled a similar “grand challenge” seven years earlier, with Deep Blue. The machine had bested Garry Kasparov, then the reigning world chess champion, in a six-game match. To most people, beating Kasparov at chess would seem a far more impressive feat than coming up with “Famous First Names,” say, or “State Birds.” But chess is a game of strictly defined rules. The open-endedness of “Jeopardy!”—indeed, its very goofiness—made it, for a machine, much more daunting.

Read the full article here…

Forget Drones – Google Explores Robot Delivery

by Will Knight, MIT Technology Review

Legged robots from Boston Dynamics can navigate a home, and even deliver a parcel, using advances in manipulation and vision.

The nimble-legged robots under development at a secretive Google subsidiary are getting ever more capable and clever.

At a conference in Barcelona this week, Marc Raibert, the CEO of Boston Dynamics, which specializes in dynamically balancing legged machines, demonstrated some of the progress his researchers have been making. Continue reading Forget Drones – Google Explores Robot Delivery