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‘Artificial Intelligence’ was 2016’s fake news

by Andrew Orlowki, The Register

Putting the ‘AI’ into FAIL

“Fake news” vexed the media classes greatly in 2016, but the tech world perfected the art long ago. With “the internet” no longer a credible vehicle for Silicon Valley’s wild fantasies and intellectual bullying of other industries – the internet clearly isn’t working for people – “AI” has taken its place.

Almost everything you read about AI is fake news. The AI coverage comes from a media willing itself into the mind of a three year old child, in order to be impressed. Continue reading ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was 2016’s fake news

The CNN porn scare is how fake news spreads


The other night, a twitter account by the name of @solikearose tweeted out a surprising image of CNN broadcasting porn instead of Anthony Bourdain’s scheduled show Parts Unknown. And then without really much questioning, a bunch of news sites ran with it, claiming that the network showed the footage for about 30 minutes.  Continue reading The CNN porn scare is how fake news spreads

Google also gets fooled by fake election news

by Michael Liedtke, AP News Technology

Google’s search engine highlighted an inaccurate story claiming that President-elect Donald Trump won the popular vote in last week’s election, the latest example of bogus information spread by the internet’s gatekeepers.

The incorrect results were shown Monday in a two-day-old story posted on the pro-Trump “70 News” site. A link to the site appeared at or near the top of Google’s influential rankings of relevant news stories for searches on the final election results. Continue reading Google also gets fooled by fake election news