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UPS Now Runs the First Official Drone Airline

by Alex Davies, Wired

America’s newest airline will never cram you into a too-tight seat. It won’t charge too much money for too-terrible food. It won’t strand you on the tarmac without explanation. Actually, it won’t carry you anywhere at all—but it might someday carry your stuff. Today, UPS announced that its drone service is the first of its kind to be recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration as a commercial airline.

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FAA threatens $25,000 fine for weaponizing drones

by Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch

It’s perfectly natural for a red-blooded American to, once they have procured their first real drone, experiment with attaching a flame thrower to it. But it turns out that this harmless hobby is frowned upon by the biggest buzzkills in the world… the feds.

Yes, the FAA has gone and published a notice that drones and weapons are “A Dangerous Mix.” Well, that’s arguable. But they’re the authority here, so we have to hear them out.

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SpaceX concludes accident investigation, targets return to flight

by Eric Berger, ars Technica

Four months after a fueling accident led to the loss of a Falcon 9 rocket and its satellite payload, SpaceX said Monday morning that it has concluded an investigation into the incident and submitted its findings to the Federal Aviation Administration. The company also announced a target date of January 8th for a return to flight.

The SpaceX investigation, in concert with the FAA, US Air Force, NASA, and the National Transportation Safety Board, concluded that one of three composite over-wrapped pressure vessels, or COPVs, inside the rocket’s second stage liquid oxygen tank failed. “Specifically, the investigation team concluded the failure was likely due to the accumulation of oxygen between the COPV liner and over-wrap in a void or a buckle in the liner, leading to ignition and the subsequent failure of the COPV,” the company stated in an update.

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