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Broken Foot

UPDATE: My biggest concerns laid to rest!

I was worried about two things with this whole Boot and Crutches thing… 1st, how I was going to sleep. I’m a tosser and turner and the boot definitely limits that, but overall, I slept pretty well. I woke myself up a couple of times trying to turn onto my right side – which seems to not be acceptable, but sleeping on my back and on my left side works well enough to get me through the night!

2nd concern, driving. Wearing a boot on my right foot had me a bit worried about whether or not I would even be able to drive. However, the curved bottom of the boot actual makes running the gas pedal quite easy! Who knew! Braking with the left foot is something I did often enough anyway – probably from learning to drive in a car with a clutch. My left foot was always more involved with the driving process (clutching to shift), so whenever my left foot felt “left out” I used it to apply the brakes. This made it pretty simple to drive to work today.

Now to just progress far enough in the healing process to eliminate the need for crutches.


So, this is how I decided to start off 2017!

“Closed displaced fracture of second metatarsal bone.”

Taking a couple days off the blog while I get my bearings with the crutches and boot.