Syfy Wants You to Feel Like a Stranger in a Strange Land

Syfy Wants You to Feel Like a Stranger in a Strange Land

by Anders Clark, Sci-Fi Addicts

Paramount Television and Universal Cable Productions will join Syfy in producing the Stranger in a Strange Land TV series.

Well, not to be shown up by MTV, who recently announced a new series based off the HG Wells classic War of the Worlds, THR is reporting that Syfy is stepping up to produce a Stranger in a Strange Land TV series, based on the absolute sci-fi classic by Robert Heinlein.

For those who haven’t read the book, or aren’t aware of the story (don’t admit that in public…), here is a very quick summary.

A manned expedition is sent to Mars, but we lose all contact with them. 25 years later, a second expedition arrives and finds a single survivor, Valentine Michael Smith. Having been born on a spaceship, and being raised entirely by Martians, he returns to Earth, where he confronts an alien culture.

The book’s impact has been far reaching, from predicting movements such as the free love movement, to introducing a variety of terms and concepts into modern culture, and it won the 1962 Hugo Award for best novel.

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