Stretchy, Degradable Semiconductors Are the Future of Everything

Stretchy, Degradable Semiconductors Are the Future of Everything

by Caroline Delbert, Popular Mechanics

It’s no wonder the DOD, DOE, and Air Force all want in.

In the future, diagnosing conditions inside your body might be as effortless as dissolvable stitches. Scientists from five different departments at Stanford have developed a “stretchable” semiconductor material that naturally dissolves in environments like the human body. The paper, shared through EurekAlert, details the team’s development of a “skin-inspired” semiconductor made of a stretchy, acid-soluble semiconductor core with a similarly stretchy, biodegradable core.

So-called skin-inspired materials are the major rage in materials science because of the multiple kinds of engineering and design challenges they can alleviate. In their paper, the Stanford scientists say a skin-inspired material is more strain-tolerant, easier to fabricate, and could help reduce form factor of devices by packing more good stuff into a smaller space.

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