Stegosaurus footprints found on Isle of Skye

Stegosaurus footprints found on Isle of Skye

by Nicola Davis, The Guardian

Grapefruit-sized tracks are first evidence that iconic dinosaurs roamed Scotland.

Grapefruit-sized depressions found in rocks on the Isle of Skye have revealed that a type of stegosaurus once wandered the landscape, researchers say.

The newly discovered tracks form a single line, a few meters long, with a right-left pattern and two different-sized prints – as would be expected for an animal on all fours – with one set larger and triangular-shaped, and the other set smaller and further forwards.

“Those proportions match up quite well to the hands and feet of stegosaurus skeletons,” said Dr Stephen Brusatte, a palaeontologist and co-author of the study from the University of Edinburgh. “These footprints are the first evidence we have that this very major, very iconic group of dinosaurs lived in Scotland.”

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