SpaceX Satellite Internet to Reach the Whole World

SpaceX Satellite Internet to Reach the Whole World

by Zayan Guedim, EdgyLabs

Between his plans for Mars, electric cars, reusable rockets, and a future Hyperloop train, Elon Musk is constantly making the news. The latest of his ambitious projects is to connect the whole world to the Internet via a constellation of 4000 satellites.

Satellite Internet constellation projects aiming to provide broadband Internet services around the world are multiplying. The use of satellite networks for Internet access is the best way to provide wide coverage and high broadband connection. With their OneWeb project, Qualcomm and Virgin plan to launch a constellation of 648 low-orbit satellites to provide broadband Internet to the most remote areas.

Unsurprisingly, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has its own plans to dominate the sky and provide quality satellite Internet to every corner of the planet.

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