Putting Einstein first: It's time to stop lying to our children about physics

Putting Einstein first: It’s time to stop lying to our children about physics

by David Blair for Ockham’s Razor, ABC Science

Isaac Newton is a physics icon, but he was wrong.

Sure, three hundred years ago, his discoveries about gravity and the laws governing motion revolutionised the world.

And yes, sure, those discoveries led to an incredibly useful mechanistic, deterministic view of the universe – in which one thing causes another.

It’s the story we all still learn in school. But Einstein proved it was wrong a century ago.

What did Newton get wrong?

While Newton saw time and space as absolute, Einstein proved that time is relative – it depends on height and speed.

And space? Einstein said that space is curved by matter. So parallel lines will always cross, because space is never flat.

It’s mind blowing. And it’s not what we’re taught in school.

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