Phillips smart bulbs could compromise your Wi-Fi network

Phillips smart bulbs could compromise your Wi-Fi network

by Rachel Kaser, TheNextWeb

A new report this week revealed that your cool smart light bulbs from Philips are potentially vulnerable to hackers — in fact, your whole Wi-Fi network could be compromised. So take our word for it: update now.

This news comes from cybersecurity research firm Checkpoint, which published a blog post exposing the flaw. When this was originally pointed out several years ago, companies found a way to stop what was at the time a bulb-hopping attack. Checkpoint says that, while this fix was deployed at the time, the basic vulnerability in the Hue bulb is still there, and can still be used for mischief.

To make this work, a hacker would have to take control of one bulb, then fiddle with its color and brightness enough to make the owner think something was wrong with it. The owner would have to delete, then “rediscover” the infected bulb on their app, at which point it would flood the control bridge with malware via a vulnerability in the device’s Zigbee protocol. From there, the hacker can infiltrate the home network to which the bridge is attached.

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