Mars has buried treasure in the form of water ice

Mars has buried treasure in the form of water ice

by Shawn Knight, TechSpot

Astronauts could harvest the ice for drinking water.

Why it matters: NASA is keen on returning astronauts to the Moon within the next five years, a project it sees as a stepping stone in eventually getting humans to Mars. Even with the logistics of long-distance space travel worked out, scientists will need to carefully consider where they want to land on Mars as this could be the difference between a mission’s success and failure.

For a manned mission to Mars to have any chance of long-term success, astronauts will need to be able to harvest some of the planet’s natural resources – namely, water in the form of ice. NASA, through data from its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and Mars Odyssey orbiter, has discovered that water ice is present in some regions as little as an inch below the surface.

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