Make poop-tech a reality, you cowards

Make poop-tech a reality, you cowards

by Callum Booth, TNW

Shitting doesn’t have to be shit.

CES is a weird event. On one hand, a big chunk of the annual conference is devoted to technology that’ll be available soon. Think of an 8K TV or a new Bluetooth standard. You know, stuff you’ll actually be able to use in 2020.

Then, on the other side of things, is the technology that will never going to be released. The devices that are only there to make a splash, get some media coverage, and provide some easy marketing for the companies involved.

You know, something like the array of products Charmin — yes, that Charmin — unveiled at the conference this year. Specifically, the famous provider of muck-wiping material announced three things:

  • The Rollbot: A smartphone-controlled robot to bring you toilet paper when you run out crapping.
  • SmellSense: A tool that’ll tell you how smelly a bathroom is by analyzing the amount of carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide in the air and telling you when it’s safe.
  • V.I.Pee: An Oculus Rift experience for gigs. The idea is that you can go to the toilet while you’re at a music event, and ensure you can still watch the show.

How very droll.

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