How to Use Google Calendar to Change Your Bad Habits

How to Use Google Calendar to Change Your Bad Habits

by David Nield, Gizmodo Fieldguide

Google Calendar isn’t just for remembering your appointments and meetings any more, because it now has a far more productive feature  built into it, one that helps you set goals and work toward them over time. Whether you want to start working out more often or need to finish the David Foster Wallace novel, here’s how Google Calendar can help.

The beauty of Google Calendar’s goals feature is that it does all the hard work for you. You just tell the Calendar app what you want to do, and it helps you carve out enough time in the week, even smartly rescheduling your sessions should something come up.

Of course willpower is required too—Google Calendar isn’t going to get up early and do your yoga exercises for you—but having a smart assistant in tow to show you exactly when you should be fitting in time for developing good habits can make a real difference.

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