How to tell if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi and block them

How to tell if someone is stealing your WiFi and block them

by Roland Waddilove, RAW Computing

Keep freeloaders off your network and stop them using bandwidth

Could someone be using your wireless network without your permission? Are they stealing the bandwidth causing your network to run slowly? Here’s what to do if you suspect foul play!

Problems with your internet connection could be caused by other people, such as neighbors, using your WiFi. They could be downloading big files, streaming movies and even be engaging in illegal activities like swapping pirated software.

I heard a story once of someone who had a printer in their home and it would occasionally print out pages and pages of documents or web pages and other things.

With a bit of detective work, it turned out that that a neighbor was unknowingly connecting to the person’s network and when they tried to print anything, it would print on the wrong printer because they were on the wrong network. When nothing came out of their own printer, they would try printing again and again.

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