How IoT Helps Revolutionize and Optimize Airport Security

How IoT Helps Revolutionize and Optimize Airport Security

by Hartmut Schaper, Security Magazine

The Internet of Things (IoT) is living up to the hype. According to research firm Statista, there are more than 20 billion end devices already networked through the Internet, with this number increasing more than three times by the year. In the process, end devices are becoming increasingly more intelligent and efficient, fueled by progress being made in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and even 5G, the new mobile phone technology, which creates the required bandwidths for data transfer in the IoT.

All of this adds up to huge potential for environments such as airports. The deployment of IoT cameras provides increased security and allows users to better understand the behavior of passengers. Based on video analyses in real time, operations in airports can be optimized and resources can be planned more efficiently.

The current focus of spending on IoT projects centers on the use of security cameras. However, a study carried out by Cisco determined that three out of every four projects would fail. The reason? Many investments fall short of the mark because traditional thinking in IoT is very one-dimensional: although cameras are being networked, their potential to optimize operations remains untapped. The key to tapping into this potential lies in finding the optimal synergy between end devices, platforms and software applications in the IoT, or “IoT Excellence.”

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