Experts Raised 'Increased Warning' Over Active Volcanos Amid "High Risk" Activity

Experts Raised ‘Increased Warning’ Over Active Volcanos Amid “High Risk” Activity

by Peter G., Tech Times

Yellowstone volcano is acting up once again, with an “increased risk” warning. Scientists are uneasy with the deep magma intrusion that has been building up ever since it was discovered in nearly four decades ago. 

Scientists Use GPS Data to Model What Might Have Happened Below The Surface

As scientists continue to speculate as to what happened underneath the surface of Yellowstone, they had to resort to the usage of GPS modeling to render what might have happened to explain the erratic nature of the location. The surface seems to be deflating and inflating in irregular patterns.

Research Published Last January

Their research published in the Journal of Geophysical Research has revealed that a vast body of magma had “intruded” beneath Norris sometime in the Nineties. It also wrote, “Recent activity has provided new insights into the causes of surface deformation in and around the Yellowstone Caldera, a topic that has been debated since the discovery of caldera floor uplift more than four decades ago. 

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