Artificial Intelligence Listens to Classical Composer and Then Writes Music in the Same Style

Deep-Learning Machine Listens to Bach, Then Writes Its Own Music in the Same Style

by Emerging Technology from the arXiv, MIT Technology Review

Can you tell the difference between music composed by Bach and by a neural network?

Johann Sebastian Bach is widely considered one of the great composers of baroque music. Bach lived and worked in Germany during the 18th century and is revered for the beauty of his compositions and his technical mastery of harmony and counterpoint.

One form of music that Bach excelled in was a type of polyphonic hymn known as a chorale cantata. These are based on Lutheran texts and sung by four voices. The composer starts with a well-known tune which is sung by the soprano and then composes three harmonies sung by the alto, tenor, and bass voices. Bach wrote over 300 short chorale compositions.

These compositions have attracted computer scientists because the process of producing them is step-like and algorithmic. But doing this well is also hard because of the delicate interplay between harmony and melody. That raises an interesting question: could a machine create chorales in the same style of Bach?

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