Coronavirus May Have Caused The Earth To Stop Vibrating So Much

Coronavirus May Have Caused The Earth To Stop Vibrating So Much

by Hannah Osborne, Newsweek

Coronavirus may have inadvertently caused Earth to vibrate less, with lockdown measures leading to a huge drop in the use of industrial machinery and transportation around the world.

Seismologists have said that since measures to curb the spread of the virus were put in place, there has been a noticeable drop in the planet’s “seismic noise.” This is the persistent vibration of the ground as a result of a multitude of factors, including human activity.

These vibrations are recorded by seismometers—instruments that measure ground motion that are normally used to monitor events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The background seismic noise has to be taken into account when scientists are studying geological events.

The COVID-19 pandemic began in December last year, when cases of the virus were identified in the city of Wuhan, China. The number of cases rose quickly, and by the end of January, the World Health Organization had confirmed 9,826 cases across 20 countries.

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