Brain-controlled robot lets physically challenged see the world

Brain-controlled robot lets physically challenged see the world

by Lisa-Ann Lee, New Atlas

For those with severe motor disabilities, mind-controlled prostheses have long offered a sliver of hope that they might one day be able to regain some semblance of autonomy. While we’ve seen numerous examples of such prostheses over the years, most involve brain surgery and are still not ready for commercialization. As scientists continue to tinker with neuro circuits, Melbourne-based startup Aubot has skipped past all these complications to launch the Teleport, the world’s first commercially available telepresence robot that can be controlled by thought.

The idea behind Teleport, is simple enough: to allow people to be in two places at once, as is the case with other telepresence devices. While there are numerous corporate and industrial settings in which it can be employed (Aubot’s biggest customers at the moment are corporate companies and museums), some of its most interesting uses lie in the elderly and healthcare sectors.

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